Stand Out. Be Noticed. Part 1

Part 1: Refresh your Resumé

stand out be noticed refreshEven partners and associates — who may very well be happy as clams in their positions — should keep updated resumés at the ready. You would be surprised how many top-level partners and executives have resumés ready to go should an exciting opportunity come along.

A current resumé is essential. No one can guarantee their firm won’t fall apart, eliminate positions, or even terminate for any cause. Don’t be caught unprepared. Panic mode does not allow quick thinking and delays creation and sending of a complete and up-to-date resumé.

Stand Out. Be Noticed.

A great resumé should already be sitting in a file on your personal computer or offsite on your personal file storage portal (such as so that you have access to it when you want it. The file should never be on a company server because you have no expectation of privacy there and if logon credentials are revoked, you might not have access to it at all.

Rebuilding a resumé from scratch is no fun and can be crushing to the spirit. But maintaining a resumé need not be an overwhelming project.

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