Float Your Way to Success


Life is a series of floating boards. You step on one board and your life goes in one direction, you choose another board and off you go on another adventure. The choice you make may have tiny or tremendous results.

For instance, if you had not attended your university you may not have met your spouse or had your children. How many boards have you stepped on that impacted your life or career. Some boards you choose, others come your way. Sometimes you have no choice but to jump from one to another.

Some decisions are overwhelmingly terrifying. Yet each links together bringing us to where we are today. Would you change your life, children, friends, or experiences?

Personally, I wouldn’t. I’ve stepped on many boards in my life.
I regret none.

As much as we like to believe we are in control, life is often messy and chaotic. The question is:

Can we handle getting dirty or dealing with chaos?

Some people thrive on messy situations and chaos while others become catatonic under the pressure. Some crave consistency dealing with life and its issues, but are happiest when things are smooth with few bumps in the road. Keeping their heads down, they pray the mess and chaos will just flow over them.

Few live lives we planned when young. This is neither good nor bad, it just is. Our personal lives may not be what we envisioned and our careers often take an entirely different course than we ever imagined.

It is interesting to find out folks courses of study was then learn what they are doing today. Sure, there are people whose families planned for them to be doctors or lawyers from the day they were conceived, but most of us started out in one direction, stepped on a different board and landed in a career that we never even considered.

How do you handle the unexpected?
How does your family react?

dsc01565When the unexpected eventually comes your way, never forget:

A different board awaits you.