Boots on the Ground

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.Commons
Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.Commons

Does the phrase ‘boots on the ground’ have anything to do with succeeding in business?

Yes, it has everything to do with it.

Unless you are employed by an organization with captured clients, or one that is recognized globally as leaders in their field, a large part of your success will depend on your ability to identify, get, and keep clients.

Sitting next to a Coca Cola executive at a banquet dinner won’t make it happen. Those who are remarkably successful put their boots on the ground and go get what they want.

I am reminded of Linda Klein. Linda is an excellent construction litigation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. She wanted to be the first woman president of the State Bar of Georgia. So she hopped in her car, traveled throughout Georgia, and introduced herself to every attorney she could find.

In the end Linda got what she wanted.

During her tenure, as State Bar President, Linda did not sit on her laurels. She attended events, networked like crazy, and eventually went on to be the president of the ABA.

If you want to build a client base, get your boots on, and get started. Go get what you want. Not everyone succeeds by representing big city clients. Some of the best opportunities exist outside of the center of major metropolitan areas. Many remote areas are under-represented by quality attorneys.

Two successful attorneys I know created large client bases by marketing themselves south and north of their cities. They understood that new businesses search for tax incentives, an educated work force, and low overhead.

Research potential growth areas for your practice. Then have the tenacity to go after it and never give up.

Keep those boots on.


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