A Letter to Daughters

Dear Daughters,

This is, in its most-simplest description, a love letter.

You’ve had the privilege of growing up in an era in which your dreams are defined by you — what you want, what you need — and within your grasp.

Whether you dream of being a stay-at-home mom (who works harder than anyone knows), a surgeon, or a teacher in an inner city school — whatever you dream of — you have opportunity to be anything you want to be and pursue what you want to pursue.

But it wasn’t always like this. You have reached this status on the shoulders of others who came before and fought battles you cannot imagine. This hard-won privilege should never be taken for granted.

qtq80-B9YOF6These days it is easy to look around your law school class and see as many women as men. Only thirty years ago this was not the case. Today, there are firms with large groups of female attorneys.


You can love who you want to love and marry who you want to marry.

Less than 10 years ago, being a member of the LGBT community made your life harder. Even today not everyone embraces those who belong to that group. However, because of these past battles, today who you are is far less controversial and, instead of fighting, you can get on with life!

dsc06363Having travelled to twenty-three countries, I was struck by the lack of opportunities available to women.

One thing you cannot control is where you are born.

It was an eye opening experience to observe so many around the world who still do not have a high opinion of the value women bring to their countries and cultures.

Be grateful you are in a country that offers opportunities to those who have the heart to work for them.

We, your mothers, worked hard and tirelessly so you could have such freedoms. We ask only that you keep those torches lit and the candles glowing for the next generations to come.

qtq80-WeFCLwYou are the heart of our hearts and mirrors of our souls, and the dreams of a future we’ve worked hard to allow you opportunity for.

With much love, Lee Ann