Lee Ann knows what she is doing.

She recognized the need for a recruiting and consulting firm in the southeast. As a result, she opened the first legal recruiting and consulting firm in Atlanta, Ga. and much of the southeast. What was to become The Bellon Firm L.L.C. was born in January, 1984.

She has been nominated Woman of the Year and named as a Change Agent to the practice of law.

Believing a law firm is prepared with the necessary skills is denial. Do Not Hesitate!

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Lee Ann is an engaging, energetic and knowledgeable speaker. She focuses on walking law firms through the steps required to separate them from their competition.

She involves the audience in her presentations. Lee Ann works well with small groups as well as large audiences.

After more than thirty years of participating in the legal community, she speaks on a wide variety of topics. Each topic is tailored to fit the needs of the law firm. No one leaves her presentations without new ideas and a commitment to change.

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Throughout her career, Lee Ann’s articles have appeared in national and local publications.

Now Lee Ann’s book, Twisted Business, is available for purchase.



Lee Ann, On behalf of the firm, thank you for your friendship and your wonderful presentation.
Alex Kaufman, Partner, Kaufman & Foreman
Lee Ann Bellon is an engaging and informative speaker. The knowledge she’s gained in the 31 years of running a successful business is invaluable. She shares many insights on being brave in the business world, asking for what you want, and taking your business to the next level. I left the luncheon energized and excited about the future of my business.
Laura Kandilakis, Partner, MarketCraft
Seeing Lee Ann Bellon was very encouraging to me. She was very inviting and approachable when I arrived to the meeting.

I learned to believe in myself, have a pleasant personally and be encouraged and remember that you are professional where ever you go in the world.

Sheila Land, UPS
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